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1993 to 2002
Series Overview
FBI Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully investigate the X-Files, cases involving unexplained phenomenon.

Episodes range from deadly-serious government conspiracies involving UFOs to you-can't-be-serious humourous episodes involving body swapping and shape shifting.

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Synchrony [4X19] An eldery man is wanted in connection with the suspicous deaths of several researchers.

After Mulder and Scully discover a photo in the eldery man's room showing the researchers celebrating the discovery of a new compound several years in the future, Mulder concludes that the man has travelled in time in an attempt to alter the past and prevent their research.

Triangle [6X03]
[Warning: Contains Spoilers]
Mulder finds himself lost in the Bermuda Triangle when he takes off on his own in search of a ghost ship during a violent storm. Rescued by a group of angry sailors, Mulder soon realizes he is aboard the "Queen Anne" an English luxury liner that disappeared during the early part of World War II without a trace.

Desparately trying to convince the crew that they are caught in some sort of time warp, and that the war has been over for more than 50 years, Mulder quickly realizes that it may he who has crossed time. To add to the danger, German officers have seized the ship and are in the process of rounding up the crew and passangers.

Mulder discovers that the Nazis are searching for "Thor's Hammer" which turns out to be a nuclear physicist travelling incognito on the liner. Mulder finds himself embroiled in the attempts to save the physicist and keep the secret of the atomic bomb out of the German's hands.

One of the things that makes this episode so memorable is that various members of Mulder's present such as Skinner, Scully, and Cancer Man all have alter-egos in this time warp. Skinner and Cancer Man as Nazi Officers and Scully as a undercover agent guarding the nuclear physicist.

The Lone Gunmen and Scully put together a rescue mission to locate Mulder in the storm and discover a ghost ship of their own. The same "Queen Anne" floating abandoned and showing its age. In a series of split screen shots, we see Mulder and Scully pass each other in the same corridors separated by time.

The episode ends with Mulder being found floating at sea by Scully after he is thrown over board in the "past". In a scene reminiscent of the Wizard Of Oz, Mulder lays in a hospital room recovering from his ordeal trying to convince Scully and Skinner and the Lone Gunmen that they were all there in this other place.

Dreamland: Part I and Part II [6X04 & 6X05]
[Warning: Contains Spoilers]
Mulder is contact by a unamed informant inside the famed Area 51 who claims to have information confirming the government is experimenying with alien technology. Upon arriving at the designated rendezvous point, Mulder and Scully are confronted by a group of agents from AREA 51 that insist they turn back or face the consequences.

Before the stand-off concludes a UFO passess overhead and emitting a strange wave of energy. The energy causes the personalities of Mulder and Fletcher Morris, one of the Area 51 agents (played by Michael McKeon), to be switched. Before the two realize what has happened they have returned to their vehicles with their respective parties.

Mulder as Morris finds himself behind the famed walls of Area 51 and trying to fit in while looking for clues as to what is really going on. Morris as Mulder is enjoying his new found freedom both from the confines of Area 51 and the married life he had been living.

Scully begins to sense something is not right as Morris as Mulder begins to do many things out of character. As the plot thickens the side effects of the energy wave begin to manifest itself as a sort of timewarp snapping back. Scully realizes that if Mulder and Morris are to switch back into their own bodies they must be in the vicinity of the original energy release when the cycle completes itself.

Monday [6X15]
[Warning: Contains Spoilers]
In this X-files version of Grounhog Day, Mulder and Scully become trapped in a time warp with deadly consequences.

A series of small Monday morning disasters place Mulder and Scully at the scene of a bank robbery. Bernard, an angry disgruntled janitor has no real plan except to rob the bank with the hope of turning around his miserable life. When the robbery goes wrong and Mulder is fatally wounded, Bernard panics and blows up the bank and all inside.

Mulder awakes only to repeat the same day, with similar consequences.

The only person that is aware that the time warp exists is Pam, Bernard's girlfriend who tries to do everything in her power to alter the outcome. From stealing Bernard's keys to trying to warn the bank the result is almost always the same, and the day repeats. She tries to warn Mulder sensing that he may be the variable that can break the loop. With each subsequent loop, Mulder begins to have a sense of deja vu.

After one sequence, Mulder forces himself to remember the bomb and during the next loop attempts to stop the sequence of events by confronting Bernard by bringing Pam into the bank. Bernard still loses it and in attempt to shoot Mulder strikes Pam instead killing her. Pam's dying words are "This never happened before". In the confusion they are able to disarm Bernard and prevent him from blowing up the bank. The next day Mulder awakes to find it is Tuesday and that time has moved on.

A great episode, not only from the perspective that you get to kill of your main characters for dramatic effect, but also because its fun to play with the sequence of events that lead to the same conclusion each time. Much like Groundhog Day with Bill Murray the events are doomed to repeat themselves until the "appropriate" combination of events has been carried out.

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