Time Travel Television Shows

Television has relied on the themes of time travel and alternate universes as story telling devices throughout the medium's history. Whether they are employed as plot devices or whether they form the premise of the series, there have been no shortage of time travel based shows on the tube.

Below are two lists of time travel related television series and episodes.

Premise Based Time Travel/Alternate Universe Series
Includes shows whose entire premise is based on the concept of Time Travel and/or Alternate Universes. Examples include: Dr. Who, Quantam Leap, The Time Tunnel, Sliders and Seven Days.

Plot Based Time Travel/Alternate Universe Episodes
Examples can be found in many science fiction and non-science fiction based series alike. The use of time travel or alternate universes can be used as an opportunity to create a "What If..." situation for characters of a series to explore. These episodes may be a one-time situtation or scenario where a character is returned to the past or allowed to resolve a certain situation.

Premise Based Time Travel / Alternate Universe Series
Charlie Jade 2005 Canada / South Africa
Crime Traveller 1997 to 1998 United Kingdom
Day Break 2006 USA
Doctor Who 1963 to 1989 United Kingdom
Doctor Who 2005 to Present United Kingdom
Doorways 1991 -Unaired Pilot- USA
Do Over 2002 USA
Early Edition 1996 to 2000 USA
Fonz and The Happy Days Gang 1980 to 1982 USA
Goodnight Sweetheart 1993 to 1999 United Kingdom
Heroes 2006 to present USA
It's About Time 1966 to 1967 USA
Journeyman 2007 USA
Life On Mars - UK 2006 - 2007 United Kingdom
Life On Mars - USA 2008 USA
Lost 2004 to Present USA
Mentors 1999 to 2004 Canada
Peabody's Improbable History 1959 to 1964 USA
Quantum Leap 1989 to 1993 USA
Samurai Jack 2001 to 2004 USA
Sapphire and Steel 1979 to 1982 United Kingdom
7 Days (aka Seven Days) 1998 to 2001 USA
Sliders 1995 to 2000 USA
That Was Then 2002 USA
Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles 2008 USA
TimeBlazers 2003 to 2005 CANADA
TimeCop: The Series 1997 to 1998 USA
Time Squad 2001 to 2003 USA
Time Trax 1993 to 1994 USA
Time Tunnel 1966 to 1967 USA
Twice In A Lifetime 1999 to 2001 Canada/USA
Voyagers! 1982 to 1983 USA
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Plot Based Time Travel / Alternate Universe Episodes
Series Name Originally Aired Epsidode Name
Duckman 1994 to 1997 1 Episode
Once and Future Duck
The Family Guy1999 to 20021 Episode
Mind over Murder
Lois and Clark:
The New Adventures of Superman
1993 to 1997 5 Episodes [Episode #]
[39] Tempus Fugitive
[57] Tempus Anyone?
[69] Soul Mates
[76] Twas The Night Before Mxymas
[80] Lois and Clarks
Red Dwarf 1988 to 1999 10 Episodes [Season.Episode]
[1.2] Future Echoes
[2.4] Stasis Leak
[2.6] Parallel Universe
[3.1] Backwards
[4.5] Dimension Jump
[5.2] The Inquisitor
[6.6] Out of Time
[7.1] Tikka to Ride
[7.3] Ouroboros
[8.4] Cassandra
Star Trek
(The Original Series)
1965 to 1967 4 Episodes [Episode #]
[19] Tomorrow is Yesterday
[28] The City on the Edge of Forever
[55] Assignment: Earth
[78] All Our Yesterdays
Star Trek: Voyager 1992 to 2001 19 Episodes [Season.Episode]
[1.3] Parallax
[1.4] Time and Again
[1.8] Ex Post Facto
[2.5] Non Sequitur
[2.21] Deadlock
[3.8] Future's End (Part 1)
[3.9] Future's End (Part 2)
[3.21] Before and After
[4.8] The Year of Hell (Part 1)
[4.9] The Year of Hell (Part 2)
[4.13] Waking Moments
[4.23] Living Witness
[5.6] Timeless
[5.22] 11:59
[5.23] Relativity
[6.23] Fury
[7.11] Shattered
[7.25] Endgame (Part 1)
[7.26] Endgame (Part 2)
The Twilight Zone 1959-1965 7 Episodes
The Last Flight
Back There
The Odyssey of Flight 33
A Hundred Years over the Rim
Walking Distance
Once Upon a Time
The X-Files 1993 to 2002 5 Episodes [Season X Episode]
[4X19] Synchrony
[6X03] Triangle
[6X04] Dreamland: Part I
[6X05] Dreamland: Part II
[6X14] Monday

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