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The Twilight Zone is a testament to the how good television can be. Thought provoking, well scripted stories featuring up and coming actors of the time is one of the reasons the series still holds up 40 years later. The Twilight Zone also helped pave the way for a general television audience to accept sci-fi by illustrating that sci-fi is more than just gadgets and aliens.

Two of the mainstays of the series, creator Rod Serling's opening monologue and the theme song, have been ingrained in popular culture for decades. Whistling or humming part of the theme has become shorthand for indicating something weird is going on.

A more fertile ground couldn't be found for generating classic Time Travel episodes. While I haven't seen many of the episodes I've listed here recently. I do recall some of them being among my favourites growing up. If you are unfamiliar with the series or these episodes, check out your local video store. Many have copies of these for rent. You won't regret it.

(7 Time Travel related episodes)

The Last Flight This episode, written by sci-fi author Richard Matheson, features a British World War I pilot who lands at a modern air base in 1959.
Execution A Western outlaw is snatched from the hangman's noose by a modern day scientist and his time machine.
Back There A man is catapulted backward into time to moments preceding the assassination of President Lincoln.
The Odyssey of Flight 33 A commercial airliner becomes unstuck in time.
A Hundred Years Over the Rim A Western settler mysteriously enters the 20th century when he goes in search of medication for his dying son.
Walking Distance A harried advertising executive visits his home town and slips 30 years into the past.
Once Upon A Time A janitor in the 1800's finds himself in the next century when he innocently fiddles with his inventor-employer's contraption.

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