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While pursuing a hostile ship, the USS Voyager is caught in an explosion that transports them 75,000 light years away from Federation space. At top warp speed it would take over 75 years to reach Earth.

The series follows the adventures of the crew as they attempt to find their way home, cut off from the assistance of the Federation.

(15 Time Travel/Alternate Universe related episodes) [Episode Number]

Parallax [2]
The Starship Voyager encounters a quantum singularity and what appears to be another ship in jeopardy. In their attempts to rescue the vessel, the crew comes to realize that it is they who are trapped, and the race begins to free themselves before the ship is destroyed.
Time and Again [3]
The Starship Voyager experiences a shock wave in space, a wave setoff by a huge explosion on a nearby planet. When they beam down to investigate, they discover all life has been eradicated. In addition, they discover subspace fractures which ultimately transport Captain Janeway and Lt. Paris back in time to right before the explosion. They must discover a way to avert the catastrophe to save their lives.
Ex Post Facto [7]
Upon visiting a world in the midst of a war with a neighboring planet, Lt. Tom Paris finds himself accused of a Murder he didn't commit . . .his sentence - to relive the crime from the victim's point-of-view every 14 hours for the rest of his life. It is up to Tuvok to prove his innocence by using the Vulcan Mind-Meld before this sentence destroys his sanity.
Non Sequitur [20]
Ensign Harry Kim is confused when he awakens to find himself on Earth - in 24th century San Francisco - working as a design specialist at Starfleet Engineering and engaged to be married to Libby. When he accesses his service records, they mysteriously indicate that he was never a crew member aboard USS Voyager.
Deadlock [36]
Astounding consequences occur when Voyager, while attempting to evade pursuing Viidian vessels, enters a plasma cloud. Before they can clear it, the engines stall, anti-matter supplies drain and Proton bursts, originating from within the ship, cause heavy casualties and breach the structural integrity of the hull. When Ensign Kim and Kes disappear into a void in space, Captain Janeway discovers a duplicate Voyager with an identical crew exists in a parallel universe.
Future's End
(Part I, Part II)
[49 & 50]
The Voyager crew finally arrive home - only they're in the right place at the wrong time, Los Angeles, 1996. Using 24th century technology Captain Janeway and Commander Chakotay desperately search for the answers needed to prevent an environmental disaster, all while trying to blend in on the Venice Boardwalk. Meanwhile, The Doctor is held hostage by Henry Starling, CEO of a computer mega-corporation.
Before and After [62]
When Kes undergoes treatment in a bio-temporal chamber to extend her lifespan, her cells are left in a state of flux causing her to be out of temporal sync. She then travels back and forth through time, experiences the beginning and final phases of her Ocampan lifespan and gets a glimpse of the Voyager crew's future.
The Year of Hell
(Part I)
The Crew reaches a part of the Delta quadrant where whole species are being eradicated by a race using a temporal weapon to reclaim their empire. With each passing wave of temporal change to the time continuum strange things are happening on voyager. Will they save the day or will they be erased from history.
The Year of Hell
(Part II)
Voyager is on its Last Legs, Will Chakotay and Paris be able to help Janeway overcome the Temporal weapon or will Voyager cease to exist in history.
Waking Moments [80]
The Voyager crew is attacked by a species who occupy a parallel reality in the human dream-state. Only Chakotay, with his native knowledge of waking dreams, knows how to lead a counterattack
Living Witness [90]
A curious holographic tableau is on display in a Kyrian Museum and the curator, Quarren, explains to visitors how the intervention of the Voyager spacecraft started an apocalyptic war on a planet inhabited by two species: the Kyrians and the Vaskans. Ethnic rivalries between the two races are still uneasy, seven hundred years after Voyager has come and gone, and some Vaskan visitors are appalled by the Kyrians reconstruction of history based on a few recovered artifacts. But more damaging information is on the way, when Quarren activates a newly discovered device containing active data. This turns out to be the holograph program for The Doctor, who soon finds himself on trial for war crimes attributed to Voyager and its crew over seven centuries ago
Timeless [5.6]
Chakotay and Kim try to prevent a mistake that happened 15 years ago and caused the destruction of Voyager and the death of her crew.
11:59 [5.22]
A Janeway show, dealing with her family and her past. Also apparently deals with how history affects the present.
Relativity [5.23]
Seven of Nine is taken in to the past by 29th century Starfleet to disable a temporal time bomb that is hiding in Voyager's past. Her Borg implants allow her to find and disable the bomb which is hiding slightly out of phase with normal time. Starfleet takes Seven to a time when Voyager is still in drydocks over Earth. To conceal her identity, Seven has to wear a Starfleet uniform and must attempt to conceal her Borg implants.

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