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Star Trek: The Original Series
1965 to 1967
Series Overview
The Enterprises 5 year mission to boldy go where no man has gone before! Need I say more?

(4 Time Travel/Alternate Universe related episodes)[Episode Number]

Tomorrow is Yesterday [19]
Accidentally swinging around the sun into a time warp, the Enterprise's crew recover from their turbulent journey and find themselves in Earth's atmosphere in the 1960s over North America. Jets are dispatched to bring the "UFO" down, and one is caught in the ship's tractor beam and begins to break apart. The pilot, Captain John Christopher, is beamed out of his plane before it disintegrates and is welcomed to the Enterprise as the crew prepares to return to the 23rd century. Kirk tells Christopher that he cannot be returned to his own time because he has seen too much of the future, but Spock discovers that Christopher will have a son who will be very important to the history of the space program and Christopher must be returned to 20th century Earth.
The City on the Edge of Forever [28]
McCoy accidentally receives an overdose of cordrazine as the Enterprise encounters turbulence. He beams down to an unexplored world where he enters a time-travel device known as the Guardian of Forever and changes history in the 1930s. Kirk and Spock also return to the 30s, where Kirk falls in love with peace activist Edith Keeler. When McCoy is finally located, Kirk must allow history to run its course, resulting in Edith's death, or he will leave history altered irrevocably, with no chance of returning to the future or the Enterprise.
Assignment: Earth [55]
After warping back in time to the late 20th century for a glimpse of Earth's past, the Enterprise intercepts a mysterious man who simply calls himself Gary Seven. Although Gary and his ever-present black cat Isis appear like inhabitants of the 20th century, Gary knows what kind of ship he is on and recognizes Spock as a Vulcan, and ascertains that the Enterprise is from the 23rd century. Gary Seven evades security officers and resumes his journey to Earth. Kirk and Spock assume 20th century disguises and pursue him, finding that Gary is a time traveler from the future who is here to influence Earth's history - but whether or not his influence will be benign is another question altogether.
All of Our Yesterdays [78]
Arriving at the moon Sarpiedon, whose mother planet is due to explode in three hours, Kirk, Spock and McCoy find just what the ship's sensors indicated on the surface - no life forms, though an advanced civilization obviously once existed. But they then find several copies of Sarpiedon's librarian, Mr. Atoz. Some of the clones are helpful, others belligerent, but they all tell the landing party that all the people of Sarpiedon have already escaped to safety, and Atoz, thinking that Kirk and the others are natives who arrived late, advises them to do the same.

The library turns out to be a file of "time periods" into which a device Atoz calls the atavachron can propel them, as it has already provided an escape for the rest of the moon's inhabitants. Hearing a woman screaming, but not realizing that she is one the other side of tha atavachron's time portal, Kirk leaps into a time period similar to the 1800s, and Spock and McCoy stumble into an ice age trying to retrieve him. All three must try to survive long enough in their respective environments for the time portal back to Sarpiedon to return - if that moon still exists in the 23rd century for them to return to.

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