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Red Dwarf
1988 to 1999
Series Overview
This British comedy follows the wacky adventures of the "surviving" members of the ill-fated deep space mining ship Red Dwarf. An accident involving the ship's engines contaminated the ship killing all on board except Lister and his cat.

Lister, a vending machine repairman, in stasis at the time of the accident awakes to find himself 3 million years in the future. The ships computer, a sentient AI named HOLLY, kept Lister in suspended animation until it was safe to bring him around. HOLLY has also chosen to revive one member of the deceased crew in the form of a holographic projection. Much to Lister's disappointment HOLLY has chosen Arnold Rimmer, Lister's annoying shift supervisor.

Soon after awaking the crew also discovers a humanoid creature with the personality of a cat. They soon deduce that the creature is a product of 3 Million years of evolution and is a direct descendant of Lister's cat who was pregnant at the time of the accident.

Since the original season the crew has picked up a number of other regulars such as Kryten, a robot, and Kristine Kochanski a former love of Lister who is from an alternate universe.

(9 Time Travel/Alternate Universe related episodes) [Season.Episode]

Future Echoes [1.2]
Having been accelerating for three million years, the ship finally breaks the light barrier. Rimmer and Lister experience visions from the future.
Stasis Leak [2.4]
A leak from the suspended animation chamber creates a portal through which the gang can access the past.
Parallel Universe [2.6]
Holly informs the crew about a new drive he has invented that should be able to take the ship anywhere in an instant.
Backwards [3.1]
Finally arriving back on Earth of the past, Lister and Rimmer find that time is somehow running backwards.
Dimension Jump [4.5]
In a parallel dimension, the heroic Arnold Rimmer sets out with his jump ship on a mission of exploration.
The Inquisitor [5.2]
When the Inquisitor, a character that travels through time deleting people who waste their lives, arrives on the Dwarf the crew find themselves in big trouble.
Out of Time [6.6]
Trying to navigate through a field of unreality bubbles, the crew come face to face with their future selves.
Tikka to Ride [7.1]
Lister uses the time travel ability to try and restock Starbug's dwindling curry supplies and end up in the middle of the assassination of JFK.
Ouroboros [7.3]
The collision of two realities strands an alternate Kristine Kochanski on Starbug, much to the chagrin of Kryten

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