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P r i n c i p a l   C a s t
  Oliver Cates (Seasons 1-2)
Dee Sampson (Seasons 1-2)
Roy Cates (Seasons 1-2)
Anne Cates (Seasons 1-2)
Ted Sampson (Seasons 1-2)
Ellen Sampson (Seasons 1-2)
Simon Cates (Seasons 3-4)
Crystal Cates (Seasons 3-4)
Norm Cates (Season 3-4)
Peggy Cates (Seasons 3-4)
Glae (Season 4)
Chad Krowchuk
Sarah Lind
Shaun Johnston
Belinda Metz
Daryl Shuttleworth
Davina Stewart
Stevie Mitchell
Samantha Krutzfeldt
Brian Martell
Jane Sowerby
Barbara Mamabolo
S y n o p s i s

Mentors (Season 1 & 2) features Canadian teenager Oliver Daniel Cates (Chad Krowchuk) and his time travel device called the VISICRON. Using the Visicron, Oliver is able to specify a person, place, and date and pull a historical figure from the past into the present for 36 hours. Oliver and his girlfriend Dee Sampson (Sarah Lind) often use the device to help cope with the challenges of being at teen as well as learning about history.

When Oliver leaves to attend University in Montreal (Season 3), he entrusts his invention to his younger cousin Simon Cates (Stevie Mitchell). Simon is an inventor in his own right having invented the Illuminon, which can display three dimensional images of historic people.

G e t t i n g   A r o u n d   I n   T i m e

Oliver's time machine is called the VISICRON and is capable of pulling people through time into the present for 36 hours. At the end of the 36 hours the historical figures are automatically returned to their own time with no memories of their trip.

R e v i e w

A great show for young adults Mentors entertains as well as educating. Each episode features unique historical figures helping explore different issues -- Confucius (Henry Chan) teaches Simon about hockey and team sports, Anais Nin (Arsinee Khanjian) teaches Crystal about love, James Nasmith (the Canadian inventor of basketball) helps Dee with her game, to name but a few of the historical figures that have appeared.

Mentors is currently on the air on around the world on such channels as CTV Television (Canada), VISION TV (Canada), Latin America - Discovery Kids, China - CETV, Israel - Noga, Lebanon - Rainbow Television, Singapore - SCV, Portugal - Panda Channel.

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Review Posted: 2004-01-22

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