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Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
Series Overview
A modern day retelling of the Superman story. Featuring Dean Cain as a young, sexy Superman/Clark Kent and Teri Hatcher as an equally young, sexy and intelligent Lois.

(5 Time Travel related episodes)
[Episode Number]

Tempus Fugitive [39]
A Time Travelling H.G. Wells enlists the aid of Lois and Clark as they travel in time to 1966 Smallville to prevent a villain from the future from killing the infant Superman.
Tempus Anyone? [57]
The time traveling villain Tempus returns to kidnap Lois and transport her to an alternate world. In this world, Lois discovers a drastically different Metropolis and learns that Tempus plans to assassinate his rival for mayor, Perry White. To stop the villain from the future, Lois needs the help of a Superman, but first, she'll have to create a hero of the reluctant Clark Kent.
Soul Mates [69]
Before the newlyweds, Lois and Clark, can even get started in their new life together, H.G. Wells shows up at their doorstep to warn the impatient couple that consummating their marriage will result in certain tragedy. Now Lois and Clark must travel back in time to prevent a curse which could follow their souls for eternity.
Twas The Night Before Mxymas [76]
Mister Mxyzptlk, the mischievous imp from the fifth dimension, pops into Metropolis on Christmas Eve with plans to conquer the world. His spell places the world into a time loop, and with each passage the Earth's denizens lose a bit more of their hope. Can Superman instill enough Christmas spirit into the depressed masses to break Mxy's spell?
Lois And Clarks [80]
With Superman trapped in the time stream, Lois searches desperately for both a way to rescue the Man of Steel and a way to defeat Tempus' mind control scheme. And help comes from an unexpected source when H.G. Wells arrives in Metropolis, accompanied by the Superman that Lois helped create in an alternate dimension.

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