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This animated series premiered after the 1999 Superbowl Game and tried to one-up the Simpsons with its pop-culture references and satire. Whether it has succeeded remains to be seen, although in my opinion it has it moments -- both good and bad.

Baby Stewie once again puts in motion a plan worthy of an evil genius to thwart seemingly benign events. As with the episode where Stewie built a weather controlling device in an attempt to defeat Broccoli, his genius knows no bounds.

(1 Time Travel related episode)

Mind over Murder Peter is placed under house arrest after mistakingly punching a mother at Chris' soccer game. While confined to his house Peter builds a bar in the basement and begins to entertain his friends and neighbours. Lois steals the show when Peter won't give her the attention she wants.

Stewie draws up plans for a time machine so that he can travel forward in time and avoid the teething pain he is experiencing. After his blueprints for the time machine are accidently circulated throughout Peter's basement bar, Stewie decides to use his device to go back to a time when no one was aware of his plans.

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