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Charlie Jade (2005)

P r i n c i p a l   C a s t
  Jeffrey Pierce
Michael Filipowich
Michele Burgers
Patricia McKenzie
Tyrone Benskin
Danny Keogh
Marie-Julie Rivest
as Detective Charlie Jade
as 01 Boxer
as Essa Romkin
as Reena
as Karl Lubinsky
as Julius Galt
as Jasmine/Paula
S y n o p s i s

From the official website:

Charlie Jade is a rogue private detective in a parallel world to ours, governed by five massive multinational corporations. He lives in his economic zone's biggest urban center - Cape City - in a universe known as Alphaverse.

Charlie grew up on the cruel wet streets of Cape City. He knows it well, knows how to fly under the radar and exploit the operating system that runs everybody's society. He is one of the very few in control of his own life - owning his own private detective business independent of any of the five major companies.

Charlie's world changes forever on the rainy night he meets a shivering young girl hiding on his office stoop. This mysterious visitor is seeking his help to escape the strange Cape City she finds herself lost in - a place where she can't recognize anything.

Tired after a long night and unwilling to help her, Charlie watches as she panics and runs off into the night. Her last pleas to him for help to get back to "Cape Town" fall on deaf, uncaring ears.

The following morning, Charlie is summoned to the cavernous Cape City morgue by Detective Sew Sew Tukarrs, where he sees the corpse of the girl from the night before. He learns that she was killed some time just after she had fled his office. Left alone with her body and his mounting guilt, Charlie fears she was telling the truth. A truth that cannot be - she has no identity or history, something not possible in Charlie's advanced Cape City.

Charlie suspects her killer is 01 Boxer, who he tails to a secret desert facility, privately owned by the biggest Alphaverse corporation of them all - Vexcor Technologies - the Boxer family firm.

What Charlie cannot know is that inside the facility, final testing is being conducted that will smash the very fabric of time and space, and will allow the plundering and theft of the precious resources of one universe by another. Charlie is soon in the middle of a plot of such evil, and on such a massive scale, that it can't be contained inside a single universe.

A massive explosion from within the facilty complex erupts, trapping Charlie on the nearby hillside. He sees the collapse of the walls that divide universes. In that instant, Charlie is propelled through the boundaries that separate one universe from the next.

As his eyes flicker into unconsciousness, he can't help but remember the words of a lost and desperate girl who went from his office to her death just the night before.

T r a v e l l i n g  B e t w e e n   D i m e n s i o n s

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  2005 - A. Taylor

Review Posted: 2005-04-16

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