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Okay so there aren't a heck of a lot of songs written specifically about Time Travel or Alternate Universes. There are however a number of songs that discuss the nature of time, or when liberally interpreted could imply time travel. If you don't believe me, I've included a few here with my own interpretation of the lyrics.

There are also a number of music videos that have used time travel and alternate universes as a theme which I've listed below as well.


Good Ridance (Time of Your Life)
Green Day, Nimrod - 1997

I Miss You
Bjork, Post - 1995

It's All Been Done
Bare Naked Ladies, Stunt - 1998

It's All Right With Me
Tom Waits, Red Hot + Blue [Cole Porter Tribute Album] - 1990

Once in a Lifetime
Talking Heads, Remain in Light - 1980

Sass Jordan, Prsent - 1997

Time Warp
Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack

--Music Videos--

Will 2K
Will Smith, Willennium - 1999

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