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Timegate: Tales of the Saddle Tramps -- Cover Image
Timegate: Tales of the Saddle Tramps (1999)

Directed by Sam Silver


Sounding like a cliché from the outset, the Tales of the Saddle Tramps features two bored and horny housewives who are accompanying their husbands on a business trip. Unable to get the attention of their husbands, the ladies are unceremoniously dumped in an old frontier town to spend the day while the men talk business.

While in the old west town, Jennifer (Kim Yates) and Grace (Amy Lindsay) discover a full-length mirror that transports them to the late 1800s when the town was a booming frontier town. Mistaken for a couple of "saddle tramps", the girls are enlisted to act as prostitutes for Miss Marie while they attempt to find a way home.


Surrender Cinema produced this soft-core video as well as such other notable cinematic masterpieces as "The Exotic Time Machine (1997)" and "The Exotic House of Wax (1999)". As formulaic as any hard-core pornography, nearly every scene of Saddle Tramps is constructed in such as a way as to lead to a sexual encounter between some of the characters.

The sex scenes themselves wouldn't be so boring if there was a little more story to support them or a little more reason for the characters to be together. Borrowing a page from the Wizard of Oz, a number of the characters from the present, including Jennifer and Grace's husbands, show up as characters in the past. Where the girl's husbands ignored them in the present, their counterparts in the Old West are more than willing participants.

Jennifer and Grace are eventually returned to the present and attempt to make amends with their husbands, all the wiser for having rediscovered themselves.

Despite it's weak use of time travel as a plot device, Timegate: Tales of the Saddle Tramps, underscores the far-reaching use of time travel as a theme in popular culture.

Far from being a must-see film, Tales of the Saddle Tramps is interesting enough as a novelty in the genre of time travel.

Review Posted: 2001-08-21

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