Time Taggers with Kev Childs
From Liam Lynch's Fake Songs CD/DVD Collection


Liam Lynch may be best known for his slacker anthem "United States of Whatever" or if you hail from the United States you might be familiar with the MTV show Sifl and Olly that Liam helped create and produce. In either case he's a man of many talents and his latest effort is his debut CD "Fake Songs". In addition to the CD which contains 20 tracks of some of the strangest tributes to artists like Bjork, David Bowie, The Pixies, and Talking Heads the disc also includes a bonus DVD disc containing Liam's own animation, music videos, and home movies.

Among these vignettes is an episode of "Time Taggers with Kev Childs". Kev is a tagger (graffiti artist) and the host of the show that he describes as travelling through time tagging shit. In this episode called "Tagging the Old West" Kev informs us that he is planning to return to the Old West to tag some shit. He explains that he needs a disguise and produces a floppy disco hat that would make Huggy Bear proud. Obviously when it comes to time travel Kev is a bit out of his league.

Kev travels through time on what appears to be a stripped down version of the classic H.G. Wells time machine in all its Victorian glory. Upon arriving in the "Old West" Kev seems oblivious to the fact that he's landed in a castle during 1500s or thereabouts. Kev's observational skills are best summed up when he comments, "Gee those Indians could really build crap."

Fortunately for Kev's sake the castle appears abandoned and he's free to tag some shit with his styling Zero Hope tag with out any interference. After helping himself to some wine found in the castle, Kev mellows out and imparts this nugget of time travel advice:

"You know when your travelling through time, sometimes you just gotta chill and just think about the incredible things you can tag."

Satisfied that he's left his mark he jumps aboard his time machine and asks us to join him next week when he plans to tag the new White House.

The episode features Kev (Liam in character) acting against a series of computer-generated backdrops. While the computer animation won't put Pixar out of business anytime soon, it's a sight better than anything I've ever dreamed of doing and that's the point. In a behind the scenes segment on his DVD Liam gives a tour into his home studio and the tools of his trade and encourages the viewer to realize that stuff they make in their own home whether it be music or other artistic endeavours can be just as cool as anything put out there by a company and that you can make money from your work.

Liam Lynch's "Fake Songs" is definitely worth a listen and a look. For more information on Liam and his various projects check out the following links. Alas, I couldn't find anything specific related to Kev or Time Taggers, but hey I guess this page is a start.


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Posted: 2003-06-11

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