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I recently came across these plastic figurines of the Back to the Future characters at the Toronto Trek convention. Called KUBRICKsTM they look like a cross between PlaymobileTM and LegoTM figures, with the distinguishing mark being the little round divot in the figure's toes.

Apparently these are a popular toy in Japan where most sets contain random figures in each box and part of the fun is collecting and trading in an effort to get a complete set. Fortunately for me most of the movie related sets like Back to the Future are not random and that what you see is what you get on the box. Unfortunately my budget that weekend could only afford three of the five available characters. I took a pass on Biff and Jennifer opting instead for Marty, Doc and Einstein. Doc and Marty are particularly interesting since they both come with accessories. Marty has his skateboard and Doc his remote control for the Delorean.

It's certain that no one will ever accuse the Japanese of being environmentally sensitive when it comes to packaging. For some unknown reason the figurines come sealed inside plastic bags that are in turn vacuumed packed in foil wrappers and finally shielded in their cardboard boxes. Perhaps its to foil people from easily finding out which figure they got in their box.

The store that was importing them into Canada is called Magic Pony.

Some of the other neat KubrickTM sets I saw at the convention included Planet of the Apes, Edward Scissorhands, and Tron. Although I didn't see these at the convention, the parent company Medicom Toy that manufacutres the Kubricks has sets for Reservoir Dogs, Minority Report, Blair Witch, and Matrix Reloaded.

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Posted: 2003-08-11

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